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Brian Farrell

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What we do

Securelinx has been successfully delivering Open Source innovation and value for customers throughout Ireland since 2002 and as such is the company best placed to enable your organisation to solve its IT challenges by utilising the very latest in open standard based technologies.

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Working At Securelinx

Securelinx is an award-winning Enterprise Linux and Open Source Solutions supplier providing Linux Infrastructure, subscriptions, services, support and training solutions to customers throughout Ireland and the UK.

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Securelinx comprises a hard working team of technology specialists, system consultants and project managers that is dedicated to providing the highest level of expertise under the most competitive and flexible arrangements.

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Securelinx UK

Securelinx provides a range of award winning offerings with a direct relevance to the UK market. These range from Subscription Service Provision for SUSE (net new & renewals), Training on the full range of SUSE Linux solution areas and remote Support Services for SUSE based infrastructure requirements.

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Securelinx Ltd, Mentec House, Pottery Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
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