Working At Securelinx

Securelinx is an award-winning Enterprise Linux and Open Source Solutions supplier providing Linux Infrastructure, subscriptions, services, support and training solutions to customers throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our Team

Our engineers are highly skilled and have years of experience working with linux and open source systems. We love new challenges and innovative new solutions. We take pride in what we build and are constantly looking for like minded people to join us.


Working at Securelinx


Securelinx is a place where decisions are driven by finding the best technical solution for the customers’ requirements, not by politics. Choices about tools and processes are made by the engineers who use them – we don’t do TPS reports. It’s a place where new people with fresh ideas can make a big impact. Most of all it’s a place where there are constant new challenges, and for me this has been the best thing about working here.


Advances in Open Source Software are creating a range of new opportunities to provide customers with innovative and cost effective solutions. Managing the team in Securelinx puts me in the privileged position of harnessing the talent within the team and applying that to resolve IT challenges in an exciting new way

Current Positions

We are constantly improving through the evaluation of cutting edge software and tools, as well as established industry training and certification programmes. We are always looking for talented engineers to join our team – if this sounds like you then we want to hear from you.


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Securelinx Ltd. Registered in Ireland No 357396.