Novell supports thousands of organizations around the globe, delivering software that makes the workplace more productive, secure and manageable. Today Novell focuses exclusively on products that enable a workforce via file sharing, endpoint management and collaboration tools, all of which make people more productive and their work environments more secure and easier to manage.

Securelinx: Platinum Novell Partners

As Novell’s only Platinum Partner in Ireland, Securelinx has vast experience in assisting customers with transitioning from historical Novell environments to the latest social, mobile and multi-platform world. In doing so we help customers stay competitive, minimize costs, and get more value from the Novell software they already own.

With award winning products such as Novell Filr, iPrint, Novell File Reporter, GroupWise 2014, and Open Enterprise Server, organisations can reach new levels of productivity while minimizing cost, complexity and risk.

Securelinx Certifications

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