File Reporter - Staying in control of storage growth

With the rapid expansion of data storage requirements within organisations today - having an accurate analysis of the files you are storing on your network servers and devices has never been more important.

Knowing what files you are storing, where you are storing them, who has access to them, when files were last accessed, how many versions of a file exists and more, is invaluable information that can help you take measures to make your storage more efficient as well as compliant with data storage regulations.

Novell File Reporter provides significant insights on how best to manage network storage, maintain free capacity and handle expected growth. For example – Novell File Reporter generates reports that show what files can readily be moved or deleted from primary storage. It also generates reports that display key volume storage trends. This information supports storage growth planning as well as determining specific departmental or user based storage costs.

The comprehensive file reporting capabilities of Novell File Reporter also support key data governance measures. For example, permissions reports can indicate when unauthorized users have access to sensitive documents. Once data governance reports and policies are in place, Novell File Reporter can measure the effectiveness of these processes, by establishing a reporting schedule it is easy to monitor policy adherence in your organization on a regular basis.

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