Assessment Services

Linux by way of its Open Standards approach offers significant opportunities for organisations to deliver more effective and lower cost services. However, shifting from existing proprietary environments to an open source based solution within companies is often a complex process.

For this reason it is essential that effective planning and review is undertaken for all aspects of new project delivery and acquisition. Securelinx have many years of expertise guiding customer choices in relation to Open Source project adoption and the on-going improvement of existing Linux infrastructures.

Our assessment services cover a wide range of offerings including:

  • Open Source solution adoption strategies
  • Linux distribution selection advice
  • Linux distribution support cycle advice
  • Patching and upgrade strategies
  • Security review and recommendations
  • Linux infrastructure health checks
  • Performance reviews and tuning

Securelinx as a pragmatic systems integrator recognises that the needs and requirements of organisations running Linux and Open Source solutions will vary significantly. Our years of focused experience in this sector allow us to provide in-depth analysis and practical recommendations ensuring that measurable benefits arise from the use of this innovative technology.

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