Managed Services

The current economic climate has imposed a downward bias on budgets and organisations are increasingly seeking ways to reduce and/or eliminate costs without compromising performance or service levels.

Outsourcing for managed services is widespread – particularly for specialist skills in areas that might traditionally have been considered the preserve of in-house teams. These business dynamics align favourably with the investments Securelinx has made in our support team, our portfolio of offerings and our profile as a specialist supplier with a distinct focus on Linux and related technologies.

A key requirement for any Managed Service is to ensure a full and seamless transition to the new service. In its simplest form this process will determine how work that is currently done, recorded and measured will get done, recorded and measured against key metrics within the new framework. Securelinx has successfully delivered on such requirements for a range of complex IT infrastructures, ensuring at all stages a smooth and improved IT operation is provided.

Resolving issues within Linux environment’s requires advanced technical knowledge as well as wider systems understanding of applications, networks and storage. Securelinx engineers have all these required skills, from their core engineering expertise right through to a thorough understanding of networks, security, storage, virtualisation, scripting and performance tuning. It is exactly this broad array of skill sets that are required today in order to seamlessly manage enterprise Linux environments.

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