Systems and Security Reporting - S3R

As the market share of enterprise-level open source platforms expands, with more organisations having a greater number of systems running Linux, the level of high-profile vulnerabilities continues to grow and the need to track these across an infrastructure becomes even greater.

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Intelligent Linux Infrastructure

Our work comprises a combination of time-proven methodologies, skills and solutions that we collectively term “Intelligent Infrastructure” and is geared toward ensuring platform consistency, manageability and enhanced performance for individual customer level applications and requirements.

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Systems Management

As Linux environments flourish and grow within enterprise IT, so does the need to manage the life-cycles of these servers in a scalable and secure manner. With over 12 years experience building out and supporting Linux environments, Securelinx is ideally placed to recommend a range of easy-to-use system management platforms that will keep your platforms running efficiently and in line with your organisations security policies.

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Linux Platforms

Enterprise Linux operating systems provide customers with all the necessary tools to modernize their infrastructure, embrace performance and efficiency gains via virtualisation and enable their data centres for an open Cloud architecture. Enterprise Linux operating systems have the proven ability to take on today’s IT challenges while also providing the basis for core technologies areas such as virtualisation, cloud and software defined storage.

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Enterprise virtualisation technologies are now well established in the market place, and as they have proliferated customers have recognised that cost savings – initially touted as a significant benefit – can soon evaporate as their installations scale.

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Linux HA

High Availability (HA) Clustering is a means to ensure resilience within IT infrastructure. For business critical applications a HA architecture is key to ensuring that time and money are not lost to the failure of a single component system.

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Linux HPC

High Performance Computing was one of the first industry sectors where large scale adoption of Linux took place. Since its participation in the very first Linux HPC study Tour organised by IBM EMEA in 2003, Securelinx has consistently engaged with the deployment and support of HPC based infrastructures in Ireland. As a consequence our engineers have built up significant HPC technical expertise.

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Today organisations of all kinds are struggling to manage growing amounts of data in a cost effective fashion. Unstructured data in particular continues to grow rapidly in the typical enterprise, often outpacing a company's conventional storage solution.

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Systems Monitoring

The ability to pro-actively monitor complex IT infrastructures is a key requirement for enterprise organisations. Securelinx has extensive experience deploying Open Source monitoring tools, both for customer use and as part of our own managed service offerings.

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Cloud Infrastructure

There are many cloud solutions available in the market place today but despite the huge publicity around cloud, many organisations in Ireland are continuing to rely on traditional or existing architecture and solutions while keeping a watching brief on emerging trends and cloud success stories.

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