High Performance Compute / AI

High Performance Computing is a technology sector that has constantly leveraged Open Source innovation - as such it has been a core focus area of Securelinx for over 15 years.

With a proven track record for delivering critical HPC expertise to our customers, our technical team has also embraced new application solutions that deal with data heavy Machine Learning and ecosystems for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Securelinx sees its primary function as alleviating the burden of technical complexity and tasks that exist within HPC & AI Clusters, thereby enabling researchers to focus solely on their own scientific work.

Our ability to bridge the challenging skills gap between Data Scientists and Infrastructure Engineers via a unified ‚ÄúScientific Infrastructure‚ÄĚ role is a unique Securelinx offering that continues to benefit our ever growing list of customers.

Securelinx provides a range of solution elements for HPC / AI while our commercial support offerings are agile enough to range from short term assistance during initial deployments – right through to full Managed Service provision. Our support package includes:

  • Full Software Stack Support – including Linux OS, SLURM Scheduler, Cluster Manager, K8s and Jupyter Hub.
  • Storage systems support (incl BeeGFS, NFS) & Cluster networking (incl Infiniband)
  • A defined number of Support Hours per month with unused time carrying forward
  • Monthly reporting available on all logged calls and remediations
  • Annual patching of Linux O/S (from within available support time)
  • Root Cause Analysis of issues
  • Performance Analysis Assistance
  • Scientific Software Installation Assistance (ie build from Source)
  • 3rd Party Application Installation Assistance (to turnkey start)
  • Assistance with enabling Cluster workloads and optimisation
  • Investigation of Security Issues within HPC environments
  • Technical Training
  • Best Practice Advice

Securelinx specialises in deploying and supporting such HPC / AI frameworks, ensuring their manageability for HPC at scale and the lighter touch requirements of small / medium businesses in the AI research sector.

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