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High Performance Computing was one of the first industry sectors where large scale adoption of Linux took place. Since its participation in the very first Linux HPC study Tour organised by IBM EMEA in 2003, Securelinx has consistently engaged with the deployment and support of HPC based infrastructures in Ireland. As a consequence our engineers have built up significant HPC technical expertise.

Furthermore Securelinx readily understands the diverse nature of the user base and communities that depend daily on the smooth operation of HPC environments, as over the years our projects have involved us with academic research, public sector scientific research and commercial enterprise use cases.

Securelinx provides support for various Linux distributions used in HPC, including – Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian and others.

An indicative list of the Linux HPC services we typically provide is presented below:

  • HPC Linux platform design and deployment
  • Outsourced Managed Services and on-site consulting services
  • Provision of level 1 to level 3 type Linux HPC support functions
  • HPC systems monitoring, health checks, patching and access management
  • Automation of HPC health reporting
  • Development of plug-ins extensions for Nagios and Munin in HPC environments
  • Development of shell and Python scripts for management & text processing
  • Familiarity with HPC applications and interacting with developer teams
  • Creation of secure repeatable HPC Linux builds for multiple environments – including virtual and cloud based infrastructures
  • HPC systems tuning, consulting and performance enhancements
  • Integration of HPC accounts with Active Directory and other account environments
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