High Performance Compute / AI

Sometimes the applications you need to run are being used to discover or simulate something new about our world and as a consequence these systems may have huge demands on compute, memory and storage.

Traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) systems are therefore evolving rapidly as both researchers and industry embrace these challenges and utilise Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to shape how our society develops.

Having delivered numerous HPC projects since 2002, Securelinx has the infrastructure and domain specialists to design and deploy solutions that meet the data intensive, modelling and simulation requirements of today’s HPC. Our team has embraced the new application models that deal with data heavy Machine Learning workloads along with ecosystems for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Securelinx specialises in providing these new HPC related frameworks, ensuring their scale, complexity and manageability is suitable for the light touch requirements of small/medium businesses and the research sector.

Our HPC service offerings include:

  • Consultancy
  • Proof of Concept Implementation
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Bench-marking
  • Technical support, Monitoring, & Managed Service
  • Training

All our work in this area is to ensure that Data Scientists get to do what they do best, ie Science – without having to worry about the underlying CPU/GPU & storage infrastructure and its related software stack, that’s our job. Selecting Securelinx as your HPC engagement partner therefore ensures you have a fit for purpose solution that is both readily managed and cost effective.

Today on premise HPC remains the most cost effective choice for persistent long duration batch workloads. But modern business requires ever more agility and HPC is no exception to this trend. To meet this requirements Securelinx has designed add-ons that allow HPC systems to connect and scale with on-demand public and private cloud services. This Hybrid HPC model allows for on premise cost effective compute while also leveraging the many scientific benefits available within public clouds.

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