Intelligent Linux Infrastructure

Our work comprises a combination of time-proven methodologies, skills and solutions that we collectively term “Intelligent Infrastructure” and is geared toward ensuring platform consistency, manageability and enhanced performance for individual customer level applications and requirements.

An Intelligent Linux Infrastructure requires a number of fundamental components to be in place. We characterise these into four life cycle stages; “Build”, “Maintain”, “Control” and “Monitor” all of which help to ensure some level of uniformity amongst different Linux solutions and enhance platform level interoperability with other systems (such as those running Windows).

The resulting landscape comprises a vastly more efficient, properly managed infrastructure providing optimal security, compliance and performance. Over the years we have established market recognition for our work at improving efficiency for enterprises running mixed Linux environments.

Intelligent Linux Infrastructure Benefits

Creating an Intelligent Linux infrastructure requires activity for all four life cycle stages. Our work in this area ensures that customers enjoy reduced administration overhead and cost, have enhanced platform security and implement processes that support compliance standards while delivering sustainable business benefits over time.

Securelinx Certifications

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