Core Linux Infrastructure

Our work comprises a combination of time-proven methodologies, skills and solutions that we collectively term “Intelligent Infrastructure” and is geared toward ensuring platform consistency, manageability and enhanced performance for individual customer level applications and requirements.

An Intelligent Linux Infrastructure requires a number of fundamental components to be in place. We characterise these into four life cycle stages; “Build”, “Maintain”, “Control” and “Monitor” all of which help to ensure some level of uniformity amongst different Linux solutions and enhance platform level interoperability with other systems (such as those running Windows).

The resulting landscape comprises a vastly more efficient, properly managed infrastructure providing optimal security, compliance and performance. Over the years we have established market recognition for our work at improving efficiency for enterprises running mixed Linux environments.

Linux Platforms

Securelinx has many years experience assisting customers in selecting the right Linux operating system for their organisational needs. As the only Partner in Ireland with top level accreditations for both Red Hat and SUSE Linux, Securelinx is uniquely placed to offer independent advice on the best Open Source operating system and related management frameworks.

Our team has vast experience of all Linux distributions including Red Hat, SUSE, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu and their various deployment scenarios. Securelinx can therefore readily:

  • Recommend a Linux distrubution that meets your needs
  • Build, deploy and tailor that Linux o/s for your environment
  • Use enterprise grade tools to automate a repeatable build process to scale over many machines
  • Provide appropriate management frameworks for patching, monitoring and configuration deployment.
  • Integrate your Linux user accounts with wider enterprise directories such as Active Directory.
  • Develop and implement security requirements to deliver hardened systems

Linux HA

With Linux HA multiple systems can be configured to operate as a single cluster. The features of Linux HA include:

  • Resource agent handling for running services/middleware (eg MySQL, SAP HANA)
  • Resource failover
  • Node fencing, a process where nodes not operating correctly are removed from the cluster

Such options are well supported by vendors such as SUSE and Red Hat, and our engineers can assist in the design, implementation and support of HA clusters.

Securelinx Certifications

For more information about how Securelinx can help you build an Intelligent Linux Infrastructure contact us today.

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