Systems and Security Reporting – S3R

As the market share of enterprise-level open source platforms expands, with more organisations having a greater number of systems running Linux, the level of high-profile vulnerabilities continues to grow and the need to track these across an infrastructure becomes even greater.

Systems & Security Reporting (S3R) is a project which was developed by Securelinx to address this requirement, and focuses on providing three core functions which help to eliminate vulnerabilities.

The first of these is system patch analysis.  As our S3R solution integrates with Nagios it provides the ability to centralise patch analysis within one standard tool, therefore reducing the time it takes to be informed of important security updates. Secondly S3R provides real-time alerting for high profile security issues by rapidly identifying which servers within an estate are at risk from such critical exploits (for example Heartbleed) allowing for prompt removal of such threats.

A third core function of S3R allows for regular reports to be generated that provide a more detailed breakdown of system vulnerabilities affecting servers. Such reports allow for close co-operation between security and administration teams and support on-going adherence to formal security standards. An overview of how S3R operates in practice is provided below.



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