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As Linux environments flourish and grow within enterprise IT, so does the need to manage the life-cycles of these servers in a scalable and secure manner. With over 12 years experience building out and supporting Linux environments, Securelinx is ideally placed to recommend a range of easy-to-use system management platforms that will keep your platforms running efficiently and in line with your organisations security policies.

The capabilities of Open Source management tool sets is now well established. Offerings such as Puppet and Chef help customers to make rapid repeatable configuration changes, while enforcing consistency across systems deployed on premise or in the cloud. Securelinx has successfully deployed Puppet for enterprise customers who have all seen significant improvements as a result.

As well as Open Source tool sets, each enterprise Linux vendor has its own quality assured tools for optimally managing its platforms, for example Red Hat offers Red Hat Satellite, while SUSE Linux offers SUSE Manager. Containing enterprise features such as provisioning, configuration management, software content and subscription management, these tools provide a comprehensive approach to managing your Red Hat or SUSE Linux based servers and workstations.

Deploying Linux Management Systems has been proven to offer a very rapid benefits – they do so by reducing manual tasks, minimising errors and inconsistencies. With the ever increasing ability to deploy new servers via virtualisation and container-based technologies such as Docker and RHEV, the importance of Systems Management has never been greater. Securelinx has extensive experience designing and deploying scalable Management Systems for enterprise Linux environments, we have successfully delivered projects that manage large numbers of Linux instances located across multiple office sites and geographies.

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