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The ability to pro-actively monitor complex IT infrastructures is a key requirement for enterprise organisations. Securelinx has extensive experience deploying Open Source monitoring tools, both for customer use and as part of our own managed service offerings.

The leading Open Source project for monitoring IT infrastructure is Nagios, with Securelinx partner op5 providing an enterprise ready commercially supported monitoring solution which builds on the functionality of the Nagios project.

Nagios is a powerful tool that provides instant awareness of an organization’s mission-critical IT infrastructure. Nagios enables the detection and repair of problems and mitigates future issues before they affect end-users. It does this by communicating with devices on the network and collecting data about their operational status. It is capable of monitoring network devices, workstations, servers, services, software applications and even physical variables such as temperature and humidity.

By definition an IT service is an integration of multiple network elements, programs and applications that together deliver a supporting function for business needs. Nagios makes an ideal tool for monitoring such functions and enforcing associated Service Level Agreements in such environments. Nagios deployments can achieve this due to its wide range of plug-ins, configuration options, advanced alerting and reporting capabilities.

Given the developing complexity of IT environments, particularly the fast pace of deployment in emerging areas such as cloud solutions like OpenStack and container technologies such as Docker – the requirement to effectively monitor and manage such IT resources is growing all the time. Securelinx has implemented numerous Nagios based solutions for our customers that provide preventative failure notifications along with rapid response support services to address these needs.

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