Software Defined Storage

Today organisations of all kinds are struggling to manage growing amounts of data in a cost effective fashion. Unstructured data in particular continues to grow rapidly in the typical enterprise, often outpacing a company's conventional storage solution.

While enterprises have typically seen enormous gains by migrating from proprietary server architectures to commodity hardware – storage has generally remained a bastion of inflexible proprietary technology. The advent of software defined storage and scale out architectures on x86 platforms is now rapidly changing that dynamic.

Driven by the need for improved scalability, performance, and faster provisioning at lower infrastructure costs, Open Source collaboration projects such as Gluster and CEPH when used in conjunction with standard x86 based hardware, have brought effective scale-out software defined storage solutions to market.

These solutions are now backed by global vendors via offerings such as Red Hat Gluster Storage, Red Hat Ceph Storage and SUSE Enterprise Storage. These fully supported solutions provide a compelling alternative for serving growing amounts of data, by offering increased flexibility, capacity and throughput by simply adding additional commodity hardware resources.

As a software-defined storage solution, Red Hat Gluster Storage brings significant advantages to a range of use cases, such as large file and object stores, enterprise drop boxes, cloud storage and near-line archival. With a full range of commodity x86 based servers to work with, Red Hat storage represents both a modular and scalable high-capacity building block for deploying scale out storage.

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