Enterprise virtualisation technologies are now well established in the market place, and as they have proliferated customers have recognised that cost savings – initially touted as a significant benefit – can soon evaporate as their installations scale.

In many instances Open Source based solutions can offer a cost effective alternative, without compromising on either features or reliability.

Open Source virtualisation exists in many forms today, whether directly using tools such as KVM or XEN, or tools built on these Open Source technologies such as Red Hat Virtualization. Also, as an alternative to running applications in full virtual machines many companies are now choosing to use more lightweight container technologies such as Docker or LXC.

Securelinx is familiar with all these approaches and has solutions and service offerings to assist customers looking to deploy Open Source alternatives for their current virtualisation technologies.

Securelinx has a specific technical focus on Red Hat Virtualization (RHV). Regarded by many as the first truly enterprise-ready open-source virtualisation platform, it is based on the powerful Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor and the oVirt open virtualisation management platform. RHV represents a true virtualisation alternative for organizations looking for an equally effective but lower cost alternative to proprietary virtualisation vendors.

Securelinx Certifications

Securelinx is currently offering a limited number of free Red Hat Virtualization assessment workshops – to express an interest please sign up here.

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